Hello and welcome to my site.

I was introduced to photography by my dad at an early age. This is still when film was used and photography was about getting family snaps. I clearly remember the first camera I got to take photo with, a second hand Minolta.

In the past few years, since moving to Melbourne, photography has taken a new meaning. It has become a creative outlet, a chance to meet new and talented people, to capture and share the sight of Melbourne and surrounding landscapes. 

Landscape photography has become my personal favorite way to explore light, shadow and composition. It allows me time to think, compose and enjoy an early morning sunrise with an incredible scene in front of me and you have it just to yourself for short but magical amount of time.

"…heading out in the dark and you know that the landscape is there, waiting for you. Its only a matter of time before the vail is lifted and the light makes it come alive...you are the only one there with your camera…its incredible..."

Peter Mckinnon


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